Camp (Cuban) Collar

Camp (Cuban) Collar

Camp (Cuban) Collar

Collar Description:

This is a collar that has had a massive revival recently, and is now a must have in summer.

The shirt is characterised by the soft, double-notched, one-piece collar that is sewn directly to the body of the shirt which allows it to lay flat.

The shirt was worn by Cuban farmers in the '50s, and the style was popularised in the US after it was taken back to Florida during the Cuban exile of 1959.

The shirt is designed to keep you cool, so style it with short sleeves and a cool fabric - typically a cool summer print, or a cool fabric such as a light linen or zephyr.  We have to admit that it looks pretty strange here in white, so please use your imagination!

Collar Specification:

Collar Point Length: 6.5 cm

Collar Spread: 13.5 cm


Additional Notes:

Recommend soft fused interlining (default)