Pointed Pin Collar

Pointed Pin Collar

Pointed Pin Collar

Collar Description:

The pin collar is designed to be worn with a tie and held with a collar pin or collar bar. The pin/bar helps keep the collar slightly flat to the shirt whilst thrusting the tie knot up and out.

The collar has a vintage appeal (popularised recently by Mad Men and Peaky Blinders), and is often seen worn by some of the world's best dressed men. 

This version is the pointed version. Whilst it is almost exclusively worn with a tie, it also occasionally worn tie-less by hipsters, and looks weirdly good.

Collar Specification:

Collar Point Length: 8.0 cm

Collar Spread: 8.0 cm

Collar Band Height (Front): 3.2 cm

Collar Band Height (Rear): 3.8 cm

Additional Notes:

Recommend medium fused interlining (default)