Tab Collar

Tab Collar

Tab Collar

Collar Description:

This is a collar for tie wearers, and a great collar at that. The leaves of the collar are pulled together behind the tie knot by a buttoned tab. This has the combined effect of pulling the collar leaves flat to the body of the shirt, lifting the blades of the tie slightly, as well as keeping the knot neatly in place without slipping down. The overall effect is very good. Tab collars are quite rare nowadays as ties are worn so much less frequently, but if you do then this is a collar you should consider.

Collar Specification:

Collar Point Length: 7.5 cm

Collar Spread: 7.5 cm

Collar Band Height (Front): 3.6 cm

Collar Band Height (Rear): 4.0 cm

Additional Notes:

Recommend medium fused interlining (default)