We are all about shirts

We are passionate about shirts. We don't make chinos and we don't make suits. We just do shirts. And we do them differently.

We are obsessive about fit. A perfectly fitting shirt gives you a boost. When a shirt fits you properly, and is cut just how you like it, it helps pull everything together. Your shirt sets the tone.

But for most of us, great fit is elusive. We all have individual proportions, so very few people will get a great fit from choosing from off the rack, one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Did you know that some retailers make ALL of their casual shirt sizes with exactly the same sleeve length? It's little wonder that few of us can find a single size that fits us correctly in the shoulder width, the sleeve, the chest, the length...

We can do better. We are on a mission to bring you beautifully crafted shirts, in thoughtfully sourced fabrics, made bespoke to your size and design. We can make you a favourite shirt every time, time after time.

Embracing technology

We bring technology to change how we think about the problem.

Our Fit Finder algorithm is based on the precise measurements of over 10,000 people, and helps develop a precise blueprint for your perfect fit, covering 10 individual measurements from shoulder width to cuff size.

We can even adjust to allow room for your wrist watch, and tailor your shirt for your extra square or sloping shoulders.

Once you have a blueprint for your ideal fit, you can return time after time and our technology will ensure that every one of your shirts is made to the same perfect dimensions.

And embracing craft

Making great shirts involves craft - real attention to details, old skills in pattern cutting, and skills in sewing and production that date back hundreds of years. These are things that we love. That's why we chose to make our shirts in Northern Portugal, in the heart of one of Europe's oldest textile regions, where we have partnered with one of the outstanding shirt makers in the region.

Each shirt is sewn from over 30 individual pieces, each individually cut from a pattern that is unique to you.

Collars are hand-turned, each cuff hand folded, and each button shank is whipped with thermo-fused thread to ensure they never come off.

Our fabrics are sourced from the very best fabric mills in Italy and Portugal, using natural fibres that beautifully stand the test of time.

Buy better, keep longer

We are an ambitious British business, based in London, determined to change the way you buy your shirts, by changing the way we make them.

We believe that by making shirts to order for individual customers, we can minimise waste. Mass production leads to unnecessary costs in stock, storage and transport, and necessarily leads to over-production and waste.

Our technology changes this. Your individual patterns are created and transferred digitally, straight from your device to the cutting tables in the factory.

This approach makes custom clothing much more accessible by eliminating costs. We have no middlemen, retail space or warehousing, which allows us to deliver high end made-to-measure products at off the rack prices. A shirt that belongs to you and no one else.