How to Care for Your Shirts

Every shirt is one of one. But they all like to be cared for in the same way. Look after them well and they'll look after you for a long time to come.

Buying shirts that you love and taking care of them well is great for you, for your pocket and for the environment. A few simple steps go a long way.


Cool wash, hang dry

1. Prepare by unbuttoning all the buttons, remove any collar bones, turn up the collar and turn the shirt inside out (it protects the buttons).

2. Cool wash at 30 degrees. With modern detergent there is little need to wash at higher temperatures unless you have really stubborn stains. Higher temperatures are tougher on the fabric, making it more brittle, and eventually leading to rips, so are best avoided.

3. If at all possible avoid the tumble dryer. Ideal is to hang dry your shirt as soon as you have washed it. Gently pulling the fabric into shape as it goes onto the hanger.

4. If you must tumble dry (and we appreciate that for some people space or time determine that you must) then choose the cool or medium heat setting. And be sure to remove while slightly damp and then air dry to allow moisture to gently evaporate.

5, Iron while damp, with plenty of steam,.

Spills and Stains

Accidents will always happen with shirts. They are there to be enjoyed.

A few simple steps will go a long way.

1. Blot (with white kitchen paper) until most of the ketchup, coffee, beer is soaked up.

2. Then wet with water and blot again.

3. Keep blotting (blot, don't wipe)

How Do I Prevent Underarm Stains?

Those yellowish stains that you get under your armpits aren't directly caused by your sweat, they're caused by your anti-perspirant.

Anti-perspirant (as opposed to deodorant) contains aluminium salts which are used to help block the sweat ducts.

Unfortunately those aluminium salts also combine with proteins in your sweat to produce those yellow stains.

If you don't excessively sweat then switch to deodorants (which don't contain aluminium). If you do need to use anti-perspirant then letting it dry before putting on your shirt can also help.

If you are prone to underarm stains, then pre-treat the armpits of your shirt 30 minutes before washing. And try not to tumble dry as the heat can help to set in the stains.