Navy Blue Pindot Dobby

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Our shirts are made to the highest standards.

  • Mother of pearl buttons
  • Side-seams protected with hem gussets
  • Buttons secured with ascolite shanks
  • Fused or unfused collars and cuffs
  • Removable collar stays as standard
  • Cloth from premium fabric mills

Design Options

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  • Small Medium Point

    Medium Point

  • Small One-Button Square

    One-Button Square

  • Small No Pocket

    No Pocket

  • Small French Placket

    French Placket

  • Small Natural Mother of Pearl Buttons

    Natural Mother of Pearl Buttons

  • Small Split Yoke

    Split Yoke

The Fabric


The pattern on this navy Italian cotton shirt comes from its traditional dobby weave. The dobby loom, which raises and lowers the warp threads individually, creates a unique texture which makes for a longer lasting effect than printing can achieve.

Style Notes: 

All our shirts can be customised if you prefer different choices for collars, cuffs and pockets. We've styled this shirt with a medium point collar, and one-button square cuffs but it's a fabric that would work equally well with spread collars too.

Fabric Details

  • Weave Dobby
  • Composition 100% Cotton
  • Weight 110 g/m2
  • Yarn Count 50/1 - 50/1
  • Origin Italy
  • Fabric Mill Tessitura Monti

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